432    2    2h    by compressport

The new, lighter generation of the Trail Postural Top is designed to help you keep shoulders straight and core engaged even under fatigue. The fabric is soft, fitted and comfortable, with microfibre composition ensuring that chafing and irritation in all sensitive areas is eliminated. #compressport #trailrunning Discover the SS20 lookbook: Link in bio

 925    6    1d    by compressport

Versatility is an underrated quality. This running Performance new collection is made for high-intensity training & racing! Specifically designed for extreme comfort and softness, sweat and moisture are quickly wicked away to keep you dry and comfortable even during the most intense workouts. ➡ Discover the lookbook: Link in bio

 585    1    2d    by compressport

Did you know that the ratio of women competing in a triathlon is approximately 37%? The new 2020 Triathlon women's fitted collection offers an ergonomic and feminine cut to ensure you do not have to settle for unisex bagginess while you swim-bike-run. 🏊‍♀🚴‍♀🏃‍♀ ➡ Discover the lookbook: link in bio

 959    3    3d    by compressport

Compressport’s new trail running collection women's fitted is designed to improve your performances whatever your next objective is. Perfect muscle support ✅ Optimal thermoregulation ✅ Ultra-lightness ✅ Superior comfort ✅ ➡ Discover the lookbook: Link in bio

 986    1    4d    by compressport

We've designed a brand new range of clothing for runners looking for performance in all conditions! 💪 ✅ Optimized ventilation ✅ Ultra-lightness ✅ Precise muscular support ✅ Thermoregulation, ✅ Perfect fit ➡ Discover the lookbook: Link in bio

 505    0    5d    by compressport

Because in a triathlon every second count ⏱, we've developed a new high-performance range of clothing tailored to meet the needs of triathletes throughout the 3 stages. Muscle support, aerodynamic fit, seamless design, and anti-irritation fabrics, our new triathlon collection will support you from the start in the water up to the finish line. ➡ Discover the lookbook: Link in bio

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Compressport’s new trail running collection is designed to improve your performances whatever your next objective is. Perfect muscle support ✅ Optimal thermoregulation ✅ Ultra-lightness ✅ Superior comfort ✅ ➡ Discover the lookbook: Link in bio

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Recovery time now. Ready for next week.

 847    3    2w    by compressport

Trail Running is not just about beautiful landscapes. What are the most difficult things you face while racing?

 1104    5    2w    by compressport

The R2 Oxygen is a must-have for all athletes looking for high performances and superior comfort. It is super ventilated thanks to ventilation bands directly integrated in the compression, an exclusive COMPRESSPORT innovation.

 764    2    2w    by compressport

Every triathlete knows this moment. Only minutes to go before the start. What will be your first start this year?

 1119    3    3w    by compressport

Designed by Sébastien Chaigneau, trail running legend, and co-directed with Compressport, the ULTRUN S PACK is the result of more than 10 years of experience in ultra trail running combined with Compressport’s technical expertise. From this collaboration, this 100 miles backpack was born, intuitive, the lightest in the world, 80 grams only!

 1057    0    3w    by compressport

Who would swap places with @deux_pas_vers_lautre, right away?

 422    1    3w    by compressport

Congratulations @divanlooy Diego Van Looy for your 3rd victory in a row at ISRAMAN 70.3!

 1859    30    4w    by compressport

Who will be at UTMB® this year? Which race will you participate in?

 629    1    4w    by compressport

Keep your feet warm as you ride during the cold winter season with the Pro Racing Socks V3.0 Winter. These socks protect your feet from the cold, keep them dry and bring tonicity. Made of merino wool and silk, you can wear them as you hit the road under the coldest weather and forget about wet socks or frozen feet. The merino wool and the silk fibers offer perfect isolation from the cold while remaining extremely light and breathable. An extra layer of merino wool and silk fibers has been added on the front feet to protect the toes. Your feet will remain warm and dry. The slight compression around the arch support stimulates venous return. Totally ergonomic, the sock adapts naturally to the shape of the foot avoiding any risk of friction. The Pro Racing Socks V3 Winter Bike are designed without seams and without elastic, avoiding any unpleasant sensation that can cause irritation. They are the perfect balance between performance and protection against the cold with an ultra-lightweight.

 891    2    4w    by compressport

Always ready for your next big performance, with the Total Full Leg. Developed in collaboration with UCI WorldTour teams, these compression leg sleeves are appreciated for the immediate feeling of well-being and freshness they deliver after the effort. The legs recover in record time.

 1208    14    1m    by compressport

A few miles on the trails planned for this weekend?

 1209    1    1m    by compressport

The trail running Under Control compression shorts were developed specifically with trail runners in mind to provide optimal comfort and practicality in a light, performance-boosting package. Targeted compression panels provide maximum support to the thighs while absorbing up to 30% of muscle vibration

 1269    19    1m    by compressport

The Ultrun S Pack is intuitive, the storage spaces are organised for easy access even while running, you can easily grab your water bottle or energy bar. An allocated pocket for each piece of equipment so that the space is optimised to the maximum.