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Small changes do make a big difference... New Ultralight visor colors available 😁

 863    7    6d    by compressport

The Compressport most iconic product revisited. #blackedition #compressport #calfsleeves

 918    3    7d    by compressport

Swim _ Bike _ Run SLEEP and repeat. #compressport #swimbikerun #triathlon

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The R2 oxygen, iconic product, revisited. 👌 Ultra-light and highly comfortable black calf compression sleeves for ultra performances under hot temperatures. 💪 Proudly wear the black edition: LINK IN BIO #compressport #blackedition #triathlon #trailrunning #running

 803    19    2w    by compressport

Do you run with soft flasks, with a water bag or both?

 933    5    2w    by compressport

PASSION FOR RACING MONT-BLANC 🏔 Compressport wanted to pay tribute to the incredible sceneries offered by the Mont-Blanc massif in the French Alps which also hosts the best playground for all trail runners. ➡ Get the Born To Run Mont Blanc Edition Now: Link in bio #compressport #trailrunning #montblanc #marathondumontblanc #utmb

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Time for some action! What are your plans for this weekend?

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BLACK LTD EDITION by Compressport Discover our most iconic products revisited. Proudly wear the 2019 powerful, unstoppable Black edition range. Run for it, it's a limited edition: link in bio #compressport #blackedition #trailrunning #triathlon #running

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Congratulations for your race @frevanlierde, 3rd Ironman France Nice 2019! #compressport #triathlon #ironmanfrance #ironmannice Pic : David Pintens

 412    0    2w    by compressport

Great start of IRONMAN France for @frevanlierde ! First after the swim in 48:38 and leading the bike at km 50! We're live on Instagram, come and say hello! 📸 David Pintens photography

 316    1    2w    by compressport

THAT WAS HUGE! Thanks, everyone for coming to the Compressport Morning Run organized on the occasion for IRONMAN France! You were more than 150 to share a run with Frederik Van Lierde, Triathlete Diego Van Looy and Albert Moreno Molins ! Thank you and have a great race!! Special thanks to Activ'images photos et vidéos, Mount Mayon Pili Nuts & Blue Beach

 1140    5    3w    by compressport

The 2019 Mont-Blanc Collection is now available! An exclusive design, new technologies, and new products too. Everything to enjoy the trails during this summer. Run for it, it's a limited edition: Link in bio #compressport #montblanc #trailrunning #marathondumontblanc #utmb

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Wherever you race, we support you!

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Results don’t drop from the sky… Frederik Van Lierde rides and runs about 500km / week. He owns an impressive collection of Ultralight Compressport products to stay fast and fresh while he does so: ✔ R2 Oxygen Calf Sleeves ✔ Pro Racing Socks V3.0 Ultralight Run ✔ Pro Racing Socks V3.0 Bike ✔ Pro Racing Ultralight Cap 👊 Find out which other Compressport products he uses on our blog , link in bio ;)

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Multipurpose compression socks providing optimal muscular protection to increase performances and speed up recovery. 💨 ➡ Get yours now: www.compressport.com #compressport #compressionsocks #Recoverysocks #performancesocks

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He does it again! Congratulations @frevanlierde for winning Ironman 70.3 Les Sables d’Olonne in 3:56:46. Great finish by @denischevrot who took 2nd place 📷 @davidpintens

 723    4    1m    by compressport

It’s not all hardcore training: The race is almost upon you! The sessions are banked, all that’s left is the fine-tuning. Triathlon champ Fred Van Lierde shares his tapering secrets – from swim sessions to movie choices – on our new blog! 👉 Link in bio! #compressport #triathlon #taperingtips #ironmantriathlon #frederikvanlierde

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Learn it from the best! Frederik Van Lierde, professional triathlete and World Ironman Champion 2013, has been wearing Compressport for 9 years! 5-time winner of IM Nice, he is aiming for a record-breaking 6 th title in a few weeks – bring it on! #compressport #frederikvanlierde #ironmanfrance #ironmantriathlon

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Simply reach for what you need (no contorsion required), focus on the view or where you’re putting your feet, and “give yourself the opportunity of free exploration,” as Seb would say.

 1415    3    1m    by compressport

Just as triathletes won’t rest until they’ve done an Ironman, we trail runners will, at some stage, go ultra. You do not need to hire a Sherpa. Combine the Freebelt Pro with the Ultrun S Pack and you will have more than adequate volume to carry everything and a little more. ✅ Ultra-light it up now 👊