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Meet Paul Giblin from Glasgow, Scotland. Returning to the team in 2019, he brings a wealth of strength and experience with over 9 years of ultra trail running. Finishing top 10 on 3 occasions in the famous Western States 100-mile race, there is never a dull moment for our smiling Scotsman, who when not training or racing is coaching and inspiring others to achieve their running goals. We look forward to sharing with you his 2019 race plans tomorrow.

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Trail Runner Paradise. Where is yours?

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➡ A short-sleeved T-shirt weighing only 45 grams. ✔ The seamless design and the microfibers give you an ultra-breathable top that guarantees zero irritation. Ready for your new personal best?

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Become a Compressport Social Media Influencer ✔ Would you like to collaborate with COMPRESSPORT and get free products to show to your community? ➡ Take your chance now: Link In Bio

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After crossing the Nepalese Himalayas last year by mountain bike, the Parisian adventurer is leaving the Trocadero for Senegal on Friday with the aim of warning about global warming #DAKARECORD

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It was a great year for Kathrin in 2018. Have a look at her plans for 2019...it is going to be even bigger and better!

 614    3    1w    by compressport

Meet Kathrin Götz from Switzerland. With a long history in sport, she took up long distance triathlons while she completed her studies in School Teaching. She qualified twice for the Ironman World Championships (2003/2004) before taking a break to become mother to 3 girls. Only taking up trail running in 2010, she has already conquered some of the toughest Ultra Trail races on the circuit. With some big goals planned for 2019, we look forward to sharing those with you tomorrow.

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The first mid-calf compression socks! 👏 ✔ Graduated compression to the millimetre: stimulation of venous return, muscle oxygenation and shock absorption. ✔ Anti-blister: its seamless construction avoids any risk of irritation, blisters or overheating. ✔ Barefoot performance: As your feet hits the ground, the fibers let your feet expand naturally, bringing more stability. Maximize your potential : link in bio

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The new Oxygen Shorts, take you where you've never been before ! ✅ Flexible muscle support for fluid movement ✅ Integrated ventilation bands for maximum aeration ✅ 360° compression to comfort your muscle fibers ➡ No more pain or heavy legs : Link in bio

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Explore the new Spring Summer 2019 Collection! 👇 Developed in collaboration with the greatest professional athletes in running, triathlon and trail running, our SS19 collection offers the quintessence of our know-how and technologies. ➡ Discover our lookbook : Link in bio

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Ultra-light and breathable, the RACING SPLIT SHORTS is extremely comfortable and unnoticeable when running. ✅ Built in underwear! ✅ Extremely light, weighing just 45 grams! ✅ Ultra-soft microfibers = zero irritation! 👌 Free yourself from limitation now : Link in bio

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A unique 100 mile backpack with a perfect stability that fits the bust and follows your every move. ✅ Zero bouncing, it perfectly fits your bust ✅ 100-Mile, carry all gear for races up to 100 miles ✅ Ultra-light, 80 grams of pure performance Link in bio ⬆️

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Whether you aim to lead the race or simply enjoy yourself, the new Running range will meet every runner's needs. ✅ Ultra-light materials ✅ Anti-chafing technologies ✅ Breathable fibers Explore more => Link in bio

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It is with excitement that we share David Hauss´s 2019 race calendar. Make sure you follow his progress...as we know he will be one to watch this year!

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Meet David Hauss from the French Island of Réunion. The 35 year old competed in triathlon since 12 years of age, later becoming France´s leading triathlete in the ITU competition. In 2012 he finished 4th at the London Olympic Games. A strong endurance background has already lead him to two victories in the Trail De Bourbon and we are sure it is just the beginning of a lot more results to come. He has an exciting calendar planned for 2019. Stayed tuned as we share it with you tomorrow.

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Which socks did you use this weekend?

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What is your opinion on this new visor colour?

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Will you be on the starting line this weekend?

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It is with excitement that we share Helio Fumo ´s 2019 race calendar. Make sure you follow his progress...as we know he will be one to watch this year!