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Posted 2 months ago

Our Call to Action 💪 Produce Rescue 🥬during COVID-19🦠 I truly hope this finds you safe & healthy! 💚I would appreciate a moment of your time in case you are in need of assistance at any point during these uncertain times. Your business may not have experienced an issue with surplus goods from this first week, but you can keep us in mind as things continue to shift. I know many of you reading this have partnered with is during previous years; whether we have gleaned, collected at the market, or picked up from your farm, this year, last year, or 2 years ago: we want you to know that we are here to help support your hard work and prevent any of it from going to waste! Our intentions are to support local businesses & the community, while respectfully following orders to avoid close contact. SO, what can you do with the beautiful produce that needs to GO?! *You can contact myself, Sasha, directly; information provided below. *As of 18 March, I am the only person that is transporting produce for F2F until further notice; this reduces produce exchanging hands & limits the amount of people coming to your farm for pickups. *Your produce will be picked up onsite, loaded into my vehicle & delivered among 35 tri-county area food banks, soup kitchens, food pantries, senior homes, low income neighborhoods & foster homes that currently partner with F2F. *I will be executing a prearranged & confirmed, minimal contact plan of distribution; from the farmer side & the feeding program side. *All feeding programs that receive food from F2F are required to submit a legal agreement, to ensure there is no liability after the produce is delivered. *I will record and track each farmer individually, with records of donations by weight; you will receive a tax letter with your total donations for 2020, for your own use. *F2F typically supplies the resources required/requested to load produce (crates, boxes, bags,etc) and we will continue to do so as long as our supplies last. Sasha Coyle Director of Fields to Families, 501c3 Produce Rescue # (843) 473-7554 24 hours a day; text or leave a message #love #missyall #stayhome #communitymatters #supportyourlocalfarmer #fieldstofamilies

Fields To Families

Charleston nonprofit that provides fresh food access to those in need, by harvesting & distributing healthy produce from local farms & farmers markets

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