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Posted 1 month ago

Is it a sore throat or is it something more? 💙 . . . The throat chakra isn’t just an energy center that impacts your energy field and nothing more. We’ve talked a lot through this series about how your body and your energy field are inextricably linked. 💙 . . . One of the telltale signs of throat chakra under functioning is a sore throat, upper respiratory and sinus issues, and problems with your ear nose and throat. 💙 . . . To better understand what’s going on...find a throat chakra centered meditation on YouTube, pop in some headphones, and plug in. If you notice tickle or tingling feelings in your throat during the meditation or while playing throat chakra healing music or frequencies...you can bet safely that your throat chakra was under working or blocked by some stagnant energy. . Do you hold back from telling the truth? . Do you bite your tongue around others and avoid saying all of your thoughts? . Do you hold things in? . Avoid releasing emotions through crying? . Then there is a high probability you’ve created some blocks for yourself. 💙

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