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Posted 1 month ago

Say what you can to who you can when you can. 💙 . . . I’m an empath, a #MyersBriggs #ENTJ, and an Aries 🌞 and Sagittarius 🌙. All of those factors mean I’m bluntly honest and prefer ugly truths over beautiful lies. My Aries self doesn’t mind confrontation and I don’t hold punches just to keep people blissfully in the dark...yet I’m also someone who is subject to throat chakra blocks from time to time. 💙 . . . Why? . Because I have to keep my truths under wraps because other people have less of a love love relationship with the truth. . I’m learning to let those people drift away from me like driftwood. Because needing the truth to come in a certain form....not taking accountability for your own healing and then trying to pawn your outbursts off on others....and not reaching out to make plans with friends because you need the validation that their outreach and planning brings...is TOXIC. . If I have to bite my tongue and manage you....you won’t last long in my world. My advice to those experiencing the same is to just say what you can, to who you can, when you can. Some people are never ready to hear the truth because their wounds are their identity. Your healing means you stay honest, stay open. 💙 . But thankfully and by the grace of God I have so many awesome Geminis, Scorpios, and Virgos in my life who bring honesty, teach me tact, and show up for me again and again.

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