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Posted 5 months ago

We’ve told our story to over 10,000 dancers throughout all 50 States over the past 5 years, but Heather Armstrong from ABC News did an AMAZING job sharing our mission on television. We’ve been sharing your posts all April long... so on the final day of the month, here’s one of our best memories! A huge thanks to Misty Lown and everyone at Misty’s Dance Unlimited in Wisconsin for a great class that day and for More Than Just Great Dancing and More Than Dancers for being a part of our journey! Can’t wait to share the plans we have in the works and we’re looking forward to seeing everyone again soon! #nevergiveup #coast2coastdance #danceacrossamerica #thebestisyettocome ・・・ "Take a dancer, a DJ, and an illusionist and you've Coast 2 Coast. A trio of professionals who give up two weeks of work to volunteer their time touring the country, to instill hope in dance students. The message is very clear... If you love something pursue it with passion and Never Give Up!" #coast2coastdance #danceacrossamerica #nevergiveup #dancer #dj #illusionist #hope #passion #wxow #wxownews19 #wisconsin #mdu #mistysdance

Coast 2 Coast Dance

Encouraging dancers to "NEVER GIVE UP" & changing the world one dance step at a time! 5 Years, 50 States, 120+ studios, 10k dancers... & more to come!

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