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Posted 2 months ago

Exciting news! The Heroes Vodka logo will be on the 8 of Spades in the 2019 Bicycle Playing Cards Collector’s Item Deck ! ! ! No kidding—a real deck of cards. AND, the best, most coveted deck out there—a Bicycle Collectible Limited Edition. Yes, this is a spin-off from the 2003 Iraqi Most Wanted Deck—yet, the Post 9/11 Deck of 52 is a collectible that flips the script. In 2003, the deck targeted those who led by fear. This deck features those who lead by inspiration. In fact, in 2003, millions of people rallied and bought the Most Wanted Iraqi Deck to be part of history. Today, in supporting the Post 9/11 #Deckof52, you become part of a community. Throughout history, decks of cards brought awareness, served as a rally point and galvanized the troops (& our nation). Let’s do it again! This success if YOURS. Thank you Marjorie Eastman for this honor and for your service. Check out: https://lnkd.in/d-YpyhD Available March 27. #winninghand Thank you U.S. Playing Card Company

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Heroes Vodka Founder

Heroes Vodka Founder
USMC Veteran
Author: Heroes of the Stage/Country Serving Country

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