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Posted 5 months ago

Released 3 solo songs today, you can find them online wherever you listen, love and all good things 1- one river Artwork @puppy_carpaccio 2- oh my oh my oh my oh my om Artwork @ryan_james_little 3- to get back where i was Branch swung back shouldve ducked my head Had my eyes down the trail But my heart wasnt listening Sun still shines When you close your eyes Its a hard way to anywhere Walking in a straight line You can make the candle inside Just dance with delight No shamans gonna come And tell you everything is so fine But everything is so fine We’re all one river Ending nowhere Starting in the sun My radio is on My weapon is a song I sing it for the one True mother of all love Boson particles and rocket ships Won’t get you to the gold Thats hidden in your own head You can’t see to the bottom Of a microscope Just lost little egos Staring right into a black hole Don’t look now but the fix is in Their building souls in the wires With their ones and zeroes But no one knows Where it goes Sunday morning laying in bed With the universe inside of me And i’m inside the sweet unknown Cause we don’t know Our stories older than we think The grass grew over everything Now we don’t know anything And we can’t know everything But you can dance You can dance inside the sweet unkown Brush your teeth Inside the sweet unknown Fall asleep Inside the sweet unknown Dream your dreams Inside the sweet unknown Learn to be Inside the sweet unknown

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