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Posted 5 months ago

An honor to play on Leigh’s instrument, ( #nopressure !!) someone I respect and admire a great deal. I am being COMPLETELY honest, as a person who took out loans to buy an instrument as a poor college student, not bated by any corporate incentives, when I say that I genuinely believe I play the most beautiful instrument in the business. The proof is in speaking with audience members after every concert. Impressions on recordings of this instrument. The reaction I get when I let my Malletech imperial stretch its legs in a nice little recital hall. They’ve never heard anything like it. It’s a sound I have always known; and I feel charged to share that I LOVE my Malletech marimba. And LHS isn’t even on insta to see this, and I don’t care!! This is how strongly I feel about my instrument and my sound!! :) 💚💙💚💙 #malletech #marimba #percussion #mostlymarimba

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Andrea Venet

Percussionist, Marimbist, Composer,
Escape Ten Duo
Bulldog Enthusiast
YouTube: www.youtube.com/c/AndreaVenet

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