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Posted 7 months ago

Happy Chocolate Day! Cheers!⠀ Date When Celebrated : Always July 7 Although, some people want to celebrated this day everyday! ⠀ Chocolate Day is the perfect opportunity to eat or drink you favorite chocolates in ample portions. Do you really need another excuse to over indulge with your favorite food treat? ⠀ Chocolate is America's favorite flavor. It's the flavor of choice in candies, ice cream, cakes, breakfast cereal, toppings, and a whole host of desserts including Martinis. Unequaled in popularity, it certainly deserves a day in it's honor. ⠀ Did you know? Chocolate is a vegetable. It comes from the Cacao tree found in tropical rain forests. ⠀ #chocolateday #july #heroesvodka #heroesvodkafounder #americanfreedomfund #foldedflagfoundation #givingback #awardwinning #americanmade #veteranowned #veteranownedbusiness #freedom ⠀

Heroes Vodka Founder

Heroes Vodka Founder
USMC Veteran
Author: Heroes of the Stage/Country Serving Country

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