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Posted 9 months ago

Repost @healthybakesandeatsbylauren I first learned about food deserts in college and if you don’t live in one, you may not be aware of their existence or the health implications and difficulties associated. A food desert is an area or community where there is little to no access to affordable and nutritious food. As a result the population consumes a diet largely composed of convenience food, fast food and heavily processed food. While this diet may or may not provide enough calories, it is deficient in essential nutrients. In South Carolina there are over 1 million people living in what classifies as a food desert. And yet, according to a recent report, approximately 50% of all the produce grown in the US is wasted or thrown away. Reasons include overproduction, spoilage and sadly, cosmetic reasons, meaning the produce isn’t perfectly round or without visual impairment. So we have this situation where food waste and hunger coexist. What @fields2families does is bridges this gap. In 2017 the organization grew, harvested, collected and delivered over 80,000 lbs of food with the help of over 400 volunteers and provided numerous meals of food that may have been otherwise wasted. That’s impressive! If you want to assist with this wonderful cause in 2018, check out their website www.fieldstofamilies.org/get-involved.html and you’ll find there are numerous ways to help where you can make as much of a commitment as you want, whether it’s a few hours or several. And! for the months of March and April #crumbs4charleston is donating 💯 proceeds to @fields2families. Head on over to @charlotteparkchs to check out the yummy baked goods for sale and click on the link in profile for details. 🍪 🌱 💚Thanks for staying with me if you read this far! #bakingforacause #giveback #localfarmers #charlestonsc #charlestoncommunity #charleston #supportthelocals #fields2families This 📷 was taken in the beautiful wheat fields in #oregon

Fields To Families

Charleston nonprofit that helps increase nutrition to those in need, by picking and distributing fresh produce donated from local gardens and farms.

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