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Posted 1 week ago

The position does not make the leader, the leader makes the position...which is why my husband decided years ago he would leave his talent agent job in Hollywood and build an empire himself. For more than 2 decades I’ve watched him live his dream of helping others fulfill theirs. And he never slows down so next week when he celebrates another birthday, you won’t find him taking a day off (or any gray hair for that matter). He has the super power called calm even in the midst of crazy and I can’t wait for what’s ahead. Congrats & here’s to an early Happy Birthday (since I’m always late to the party) 🎉🎊 🎂 #tbt #dreammaker #dealcloser #BestTVAgent #letsdothis #werkwerkwerkwerkwerk #livingthedream

Jan Jeffcoat

TV News Anchor in Washington, D.C. @wusa9 @cbs Wife. Mom. Believer. Big Dreamer. http://www.janjeffcoat.com

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