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Posted 11 months ago

...And I will. Love this post. Hope this gives someone out there encouragement. You can. And. You will. 👇🏽#ReadOn #transformationtuesdays #Repost @christinecaine ・・・ Sometimes you just have to remind yourself that:- “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”(Philippians 4:13) You can do these hard things:- Ignore the naysayers Defy the critics Overcome your insecurities Move on from toxic relationships Endure loneliness Fight the battle in your mind Get back up after failure Become a prisoner of hope Encourage yourself in the Lord Be willing to be misunderstood Fight the good fight of faith Face your fears head on Forgive quickly and completely Stay kind, humble and generous Maintain your love, peace and joy Take on the next challenge Grow, enlarge, stretch, strengthen Never quit

 3 tags: #repost, #readon, #transformationtuesdays

Jan Jeffcoat

TV News Anchor/Host living in LA. Mom. Wife. Believer. Big Dreamer. Former anchor in Chicago, D.C., Houston, Charlotte & host of a national TV show.

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