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Posted 1 week ago

Udah tau LDW semenjak drama My Girl tapi mulai tertarik saat dia beradu akting bareng Kim Sun Ah di drama Scent of a Woman. But I love Reality TV, I'm as much of a Reality TV/Variety Show fan dibandingkan Kdrama/Kmovie watcher. Jadi lebih bener-bener excited sama LDW saat dia di acara Strong Heart dan Roommate as himself. I watched season one of Roommate in between episodes of Hotel King. The contrast between his demeanor in both is huge. The way he comes across in Roommate is down to earth, polite and just plain likable. Saat LDW muncul as a guest di acara tv lain macam Come to Play, Healing Camp, Happy Together, Infinite Challenge (meskipun cuma sebentar), Running Man, Return of Superman, itu ga boleh banget ketinggalan buat ditonton, he's naturally quick witted, very funny and charming. Selalu pengen liat LDW lebih sering lagi main ke acara variety show, he's very polite and also has a great sense of humor. He has a very expressive face, his smile is contagious. His comical timing is impeccable and heโ€™s had some brilliant organic ad lib moments. It's really fantastic and he made me laugh and smile a lot ๐Ÿ˜Š #KUxLDW #LDWinJKT #HappyBir7hdayKU #LeeDongWook

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