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Posted Mar 2017 ago

Just arrived in Seattle to prepare to perform my show "BLACK!" I'm killing time before checking into my rental and I stop in at Starbucks. There's a disheveled looking man in the corner by himself and I hesitate to join him...but the seats are too comfortable to pass up. We began speaking and I discovered that he escaped Ethiopia 46 years ago because of the war. This man was deep, wise, compassionate and a messenger to me. I left an hour later feeling recharged and touched by love...pure love. I felt ashamed of my initial hesitancy to sit next to him because of his looks. My lesson: observe with my heart not my eyes. Oh and this book...he said saved his life. Thank you kind stranger for a valuable life lesson. #love #kindnessofstrangers #starbucksinseattle #godislove

 4 tags: #starbucksinseattle, #kindnessofstrangers, #love, #godislove

Michael Washington Brown

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