2    Nov 2017   

Looks like #navsrefresh needs some refreshing! Too popular! @eddie.broussard brought it too hard tonight!

 30    Nov 2017   

UWW Navs Staff team ready to go at #navsrefresh U dub dub!

 7    Oct 2017   

#navnight tonight is in Hyland 2101! Don't go to Esker! See you at 7pm! PS: AfterNavs is NavAttack! Bring a change of dark clothes for an outdoor game!

 6    Oct 2017   

📢 10 DAYS to #navsweekender 🎉 - go to www.navsweekender.org to register! - #uppermidwestnavs #campusnavs

 6    Oct 2017   

PRICE JUMPS TONIGHT AT MIDNIGHT! Make sure and register today at navsweekender.org! #navsweekender #dontpaymorethanyouhaveto #lifechangingweekend #uww