56    2    3d    

Selecting Card various weights and shades of whites . So we can print Workhouse England Parcel Labels . Will print some extra words about the unposed photographs of street kids a 100 years a go that I really love .It's here wear I base my Garment Research on . They wear formal tailoring but wear it informally . #mensdesign #Garmentdesign #menscollection2017 #swingtickets #swingticket #mensdesign #Garmentdesign #menscollection2017 #swingtickets #swingticket

 106    4    4d    

Hand painted banner done by my good friend Roland . Designed by the brilliant JD Gilston @thunkgood . It will be sent to Outerlimits Tokyo soon to be used in the Showroom helping to launch the new Spring Summer 2018 collection . #banner #showrooms #showroom #britishdesigners #hackneyunionworkhouse #outerlimitsjapan

 75    3    1w    

Bill deep in thought .. #oilpainting #charcoaldrawing #lifedrawing #somerset #weekendaway #spontaneous Thanks @billleyshon for your encouragement and for passing on your skill and knowledge . I would really love to come back and paint more !

 70    3    1w    

Learning to mix colours using just 3 colours , Red , yellow and Blue . Learning how the colour wheel works , colour balance and preparing 4 shades of a similar colour . . #oilpainting #charcoaldrawing #somerset #weekendaway #spontaneous #workhousengland #hackneyunionworkhouse thanks @billleyshon

 61    4    1w    

Learning to draw then to paint in oils for the very first time . The best thing I've done in a very long time . A spontaneous trip to Somerset to and learn from the wonderful and free spirited teacher Bill Leyson . #oilpainting #charcoaldrawing #somerset #weekendaway #spontaneous thanks @billleyshon WIDE SCREEN VERSION BEST VERSION

 69    0    1w    

Learning to draw then to paint in oils for the very first time . The best thing I've done in a very long time . A spontaneous trip to Somerset to and learn from the wonderful and free spirited teacher Bill Leyson . #oilpainting #charcoaldrawing #somerset #weekendaway #spontaneous thanks @billleyshon

 84    1    2w    

Off to meeting in Covent Garden with Outerlimits @satoshiyoshida1979 @jun190 @smiyata . This is Cockfosters underground station . I love the classic English style . I am sure somebody soon will decide it needs repainting 😡!

 138    12    3w    

Taking a day off , hanging out at The Suffolk Show an agricultural show which has over 90,000 visitors a day . Blistering hot so kept close to the bar and helped out on a friends Flower stall . Wearing my Vivienne Westwood trousers I bought at Worlds End circa 1984 ! #bestpurchase #suffolkshow #flowers #floristy #agriculturalshow #agriculturalshow2017

 112    6    1m    

Best hammer action ever

 127    2    2m    

The Shred Jacket hand cut , it feels like a thing of beauty . #busystudio #summercollection2018 #sampling #denim #whitelinen

 92    3    2m    

I made a mistake uploading yesterday , Instagram cropped Graham completely OUT . Now you can see the Master at work . #patterncutter #savilerow .. The summer collection is looking very exciting . I'm very happy to be making it ! @satoshiyoshida1979 @jun190 @smiyata @chanyamachan ..

 133    17    2m    

Hand stamped : hand painted the Hackney Union swing tags are a work of art . Beautifully made by my wife Ryoko . The AW production is arriving in the studio every week now so we are getting ready to pack our orders . #hackneyunionworkhouse #swingtickets #swingtickets #handstamped #mensfashion #artisan

 83    3    2m    

I had to check 4000 + buttons which took 4 hours today . There was small imperfections small holes , dents it's all part of the Garment making process . Has to be done ,

 57    3    2m    

I found the travel guide , it's the one I wanted at the right price . £0.50 . Created in 1974 still it's the Medina in Marrakech I am heading for to shoot the Spring summer collection . Hopefully with @fore_ground #workhousengland #hackneyunionworkhouse #fashionblogger #fashionphotography #fashiophotographer

 118    3    3m    

Making the Fisherman coats ., Made in England . Good to back working with my Trusted Friend , best coat maker in London . #hackneyunionworkhouse #workhousengland #garmentsforlife #menscoats #goodfactory

 130    11    3m    

This is building , we saw it and after 30 mins we made a offer . 18 months later it was finished . #hardwork #workhousengland #hackneyunionworkhouse .

 74    0    3m    

Label printing at the screen printers in East London #hackneyunionworkhouse #garmentproduction #newcollections #newcollection #workhousengland

 111    1    3m    

We built this with our own hands in 2007 . It was an very run down old Victorian Slaughter House , the building has been completely rebuilt . Tomorrow I will post a picture of the building we bought.

 85    0    4m    

We will be organically dying Irish linen and Indian cotton for shirt unlined Jacket and a tee shirt for next summer collection 🎶

 67    5    4m    

Thinking of the women in our lives and what they bring . International. Women's day .. a day late !! Sorry 😐..

 229    20    4m    

Findinginspiration A Garment in bits Is of great interest to me especially something as good as this . Using this as a starting point to create a Workhouse Garment for the Spring Summer collection 2018 #hackneyunionworkhouse #workhousengland #newcollection #newcollections #historical #mensjackets

 88    5    4m    

Time to leave Japan 🇯🇵tomorrow will be going home . I'm happy to have come it's been 4 years since I last came but it was perfect timing to return . It was good to meet the stores who have been buying the #hackneyunionworkhouse collections many had seen every collection . It was also good to meet the people behind Outerlimits the showroom we have had the pleasure of working with . Then having some family time with my wife and son and meeting friends and enjoying Japan 🇯🇵. #happydays

 47    4    4m    

Will miss the modern side of Japan living when I return to England or better still suggest we get a better bathroom ?! #corian #quartz #concretecountertops

 57    4    4m    

I have been making Garments for 23 years . I met some one yesterday at the Nezu Museum Tokyo who has worked 45 years . #https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Niwaki

 102    3    5m    

Enjoying a day off in Tokyo with a visit to a shrine in Shibuya . #tokyo #hackneyunionworkhouse #huw #dayoff #tokyofashion

 72    7    5m    

It's so enjoyable when the buyers start trying things on and "get into it , there going in ! " Love ❤️ seeing the Beret being worn it seems to be the hat of choice here in Japan . #beret #japanfashion with @kei___s

 78    0    5m    

Thinking of home . Had a meeting with Outer Limits discussing the cloth , silhouettes , limited Editions , Graphical prints for the next collection . Feelin good 😊 . With @jun190

 73    4    5m    

PRINT found in the archive . It must be over ten years old . It would be nice to think it can be used once again somewhere in the next summer collection 2017 . #englishfashionbrand #springsummer17 #print #garments #creativemenswear

 134    7    5m    

This a door I would like to own some people like cars I like doors . To pass through a door like this into a world that would be equally as wonderful is my goal . #doors #anotherworld #shopfront #fashion# #retail #japanesefashion

 105    2    5m    

Mr Nakamura from @rogueshonten at Outerlimits Showroom . A big customer for #hackneyunionworkhouse . A friend said we look like twins ha ha !! He had Great style and a great attitude perhaps we are !?? #shopsinjapan #japanesefashionbuyer #japanesefashion #englishfashionbrand #asianfashion #asianmensfashion

 87    2    5m    

Customers looking at the #hackneyunionworkhouse at the Outerlimits Showroom Tokyo . It's good to be here talking to Buyers listening and learning what they have bought and liked . It's good to see their reaction to the new collection . #menswear #japanfashion #japanfashionbuyer #vintagefashion #shopsinjapan #madeinengland

 57    0    5m    

This always makes me smile . It's the brilliance of @thunkgood and @haruka_shinji . My job is to create Garments worthy of such a beautiful looking label . #japan #mensfashion #menswear

 100    2    5m    

Good morning from Daikanyama Tokyo . #japan #menswear