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An exercise in taking a budget boot and adding really high-end parts. @thejakeeley set-up - intuition liners will be available from next week #locohandcheck #locoskates @razorsskateco @intuitionliners @adaptbrand @go_project_blading

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The new K2 Trio skates are absolute lightning. Unlike most other tri-skates the frames are UFS mount giving you a more leant-back ride. Amazing for cruising. @k2skates @locoskates

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Dropping April 16th @themskates Long Sleeves •••• #themskates #locoskates

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Jake Bennet started working with us full time this week. Having two 'Jakes' in the shop now is designed to baffle and confuse you. Jake B and Jake E on an after-work rail session yesterday. #locoskates #supercoolblading @jake_benn3t @thejakeeley. Go and follow @show_off_gang