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We'll have these for you soon as we can. Looks like they're almost ready to ship. Repost @remedyz ・・・ OK sooooo.. We kept the design fresh and streamlined and put together an all new liner with updated support & comfort, but less bulk. We also reinforced the patterns all around and went with a new ankle strap system for a snugger fit (the skate stays compatible with buckles if you'd rather go that way), and plenty more tasty goodies! The Remz solid one piece soul frame offers that smooth grind and as always with our renowned classic Remz models the skin and plastic components are connected together to give this new joint the renowned and unique remz “freedom-of-feet” support/flex combination, unique hybrid hard/soft boot technology. Comes stock fully loaded with Ground Control FeatherLite 3 frames and top shelf GC 64mm wheels w/ anti rocker setup. 💥

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Our new piece is now live, Joe Atkinson x Big Wheels x Dubai by @tomsharmanvideo | Link to full video in bio | @mrjoeatkinson @go_project_blading #locoskates #supercoolblading

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This MIGHT be good... @scottquinny

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Our new shop and re-brand is here. We are open today (with some limitations, bare with us!) then closed Sun & Mon and back open tues. We'll slowly be adding the final touches over the next couple of weeks, swing by! | #locoskates #skateshop

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Tomorrow is a new day. We will open our shop at our new location of 6 Redward Business Park, Eastbourne. The doors will be open and we WILL be trading (although a few limitations while we finish up!). Pop in and say hi! 👋🏫 | #locoskates