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@gaston_de_moratti is the first to try the new #razorshift | @razorsskateco @razors_uk #supercoolblading #locoskates

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After some heavy delays these just rolled through the door. The @usdskates Eugin Enin skate is finally in stock and available to order on our website. The skate now only comes as a boot-only.

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⬅️swipe for more πŸ“Έ. In-stock and online the new @sebaskates @cjwellsmore Pro Skates.πŸ“± πŸ“¦ 🀘🏻

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The highly anticipated @razorsskateco Shift Skates are now up for pre-order. Stock due next week! 🀘🏻 #razors #razorsskates #razorsshift

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It's blading day at #roskilde - here's Dan Collins with some new old clips from last years event. Thanks to @yoboysen on the record button | @dank_ollins #supercoolblading